HOMOEOPATHY – down the years has emerged as the most promising science which not only annihilates the symptoms but also builds up the immunity of body & is fast becoming the first line of treatment due to it’s high order of efficacy and moreover no side effects.


  • British Royal Family Patronises it
  • Growing Yearly in Canada, Europe & USA
  • Fastest Growing Alternative Therapy in the UK
  • World Health Organisation Supports it (WHO)
  • 45 % of the French Prefer it
  • 40% of German Physicians Prescribe it
  • Famous Celebrities Endorse it
  • 50% of Public Chose Homoeopathic Treatments in Most South East Asian Countires
  • Children love it

The Practice of Homoeopathy varies greatly from one area of the globe to another, depending on each country’s heritage. Historically, homeopathy developed mostly in European countries and North America. It should be noted that the use of homeopathy is more common with an educated public that is health conscious and open to natural practices.

Nevertheless, a significant evolution towards the practice of homeopathy can currently be observed all over the world.
Prime Health UK is focusing on the development of new products to treat modern disease and make the world healthier. The prime focus of the company is to built excellent quality products through state of the art manufacturing facility in the UK.

Research & Development

The formulae have been developed by Homoeopaths & Herbalists with a combined experience of over 30 years in Homoeopathic & Herbal Practice. All products manufactured are combinations of liquid herbal compounds which are formulated according to traditional herbalism, modern scientific research and the fine art of herbal compounding.


All products are prepared according to precise Goods Manufacturing Practices and with individualised formulations or processes, which enable each herb to be extracted according to its own unique physical and biochemical characteristics.
This attention to detail produces a finished extract, which optimally represents the herb from which it was made. These extracts are very rich in aroma and taste & are bioactive compounds of the original herbs themselves.
The compounds are a blend of various liquid herbal extracts which are formulated to target and favourably support specific body systems and/or relevant health conditions.